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Have the freedom to personalize your deliveries. With Bringplz — Request, Deliver, Receive Parcels and make money anytime, anywhere. With access to millions of journeys, you can always find people traveling your way.

About ourselves

As a platform Bringplz is transforming the way goods move between cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand. Our revolutionary intercity peer to peer crowd shipping platform connects senders with Travelers who can deliver anything from there traveling city to heading city. We empower communities to local parcel senders with no waiting, faster, cheaper and empower sharing economy and environment friendly packing.

Our formation

Developed and designed by a team of professional individuals with personal experience in the logistics industry, Bringplz offers a wholesome experience to all its users. From Travelers posting their trips, connecting with potential requesters and getting paid, to the Requesters searching for travelers coming their way, contracting for the payment and receiving their items with significantly lesser delivery charges than traditional shipping companies.

The process

Recipient`s end

Begin by searching for a Traveler traveling to your area

Communicate with the Traveler for more details

Initiate a Contract with the Traveler to begin

Search for Travelers

Traveler`s end

Sign up and post your relevant trip details

Collect the Requester's item locally at your place

Deliver the parcel to the requester and get paid

Post your Trip