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Have the freedom to personalize your deliveries. With access to several trips posted everyday, you can always find people traveling your way.

About ourselves

As a global platform, Bringplz is revolutionizing the way goods are transported between cities by providing a platform that allows for on-demand delivery of anything. Our innovative intercity peer-to-peer crowd shipping platform connects senders with Travelers who are heading from one city to another, enabling the delivery of a wide range of items. We empower local communities by offering a faster, cheaper, and more convenient [peer-to-peer] delivery option, while also fostering a sharing economy and promoting environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Our formation

Created and crafted by a team of experienced professionals in the logistics industry, Bringplz provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for all its customers. Travelers can effortlessly post their upcoming trips, connect with potential requesters, and earn money by delivering requested items. On the other hand, Requesters can conveniently search for travelers heading their way, negotiate payment terms, and receive their items at significantly lower delivery costs compared to traditional shipping companies. With Bringplz, we aim to revolutionize the way people send and receive goods, making it a seamless and cost-effective experience for everyone involved.

The process

Recipient`s end

Begin by searching for a Traveler traveling to your area

Communicate with the Traveler for more details

Initiate a Contract with the Traveler to begin

Traveler`s end

Sign up and post your relevant trip details

Collect the Requester's item locally at your place

Deliver the parcel to the requester and get paid