Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post my trip?

  • Sign up
  • Build a great profile and complete required verifications
  • Proceed to posting your trip here

What details do I need to enter?

Most of the details asked are very abstract in order to ensure security. Some fields are:

  • Traveling From
  • Traveling On
  • Traveling To
  • Arriving On
  • Available Space
  • Mode of Transportation
  • Capacity
  • Best Offer
  • More Details

How much should I charge?

The decision to provide a reasonable rate is yours. As a new user of application, you may want your rates to be attractive (signficantly lesser than the delivery agents) to attract the users. This will help you attract initial senders and help you get good reviews. As you receive recognition, you may proceed to vary your rates according to the requests you receive. All said, it's completely between Traveler and the user's mutual agreement.

How will I get paid?

As soon as the payment is done by the Requester within the Contract, Bringplz acts as an escrow and holds it until the successful delivery confirmation by both parties involved. This is a security measure put in place to provide all users with utmost security against scams.

How do I initiate a Contract?

  • Sign up
  • Complete required verifications
  • Search for active trips here
  • Proceed by starting a contract from the chosen listing
  • Communicate with the Traveler
  • Make payment

How will the Traveler collect my parcel from his place?

As a Requester, you must arrange for the proper delivery of the parcel to the Traveler's place, that you would like for the Traveler to bring to you. You may also request the complete shipping address of the Traveler to order items from online shopping websites.

How do I make payment?

You can make the payment through the Contract page, that you initiated with the Traveler. This payment will be held by Bringplz as a part of our escrow service to ensure security against scams.

Will I get a refund if the Traveler misplaces my parcel?

No, in such a case, a refund will not be eligible. We request both the Traveler and the Requester to do all their due diligence before going ahead with the transaction. Please note that Bringplz is obligated to provide you with the government issued ID and other necessary credentials which you can use to proceed with legal action if there is sufficient evidence of scam.